George Harrison in fluffy boots

Kanye Feeds A Parking Meter.  2014.  Colored pencil on paper.  11 x 8.5”

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Always beware of sitting on hot coffee 

Always beware of sitting on hot coffee 

Installed earlier this month in the Bahamas, “Ocean Atlas" by Jason deCaires Taylor depicts a young Bahamian girl carrying the weight of the seas. It is the largest sculpture ever deployed underwater and is built from special concrete that promotes the growth of coral and marine life in an attempt to draw diving tourists away from more sensitive areas nearby.


The fattest professional football player ever

William “Fatty” Foulke was born in Dawley, Shropshire, on 12th April 1874. After leaving school he found work in the Blackwell Colliery. A talented sportsman, Foulke played in goal for the works team.

The following season Foulke was sold to Sheffield United for £20 and made his debut for his new club against West Bromwich Albion on 1st September, 1894. Foulke played 29 out of 30 Football League games in his first season at the club.

Foulke was renowned for his great size (6 ft 4 in (1.93 m) by some estimates) and weight, reaching perhaps 24 stone (152 kg, 336 lb) at the end of his career, although reports on his weight vary.


Vince Staples-Blue Suede

Dissected Prince

"When Vogue and GQ went to Iran in 1969" 

Photo essay by Your Middle East.

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It can not be unseen


It can not be unseen

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Found Asian Brad Pitt while in Beijing